Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Dancing Is Not Just A Dance

Do you know that dancing is the one way for us to exercise?  Every single movement you do will give an impact for your body. Although you just follow the steps of the video but you don't know that you actually do something healthy and at the end you will sweat. Did you feel it when you dance? If yes, congratulations! You already burning out your calories although it just a little but you did it rather than doing nothing. Right?

I write this because I've tried it and it really works. For the beginning, I only dream that I'm a superstar in the video. I just follow the steps and enjoy the music. I did it for half an hour and more. It's really fun babe! It is true you feel tired for a while but then you'll be fresh and more energetic.

Never bored watching her performance.

One of the energetic vid that I loike

Thats all for this topic. The time now is 0017 and I need to go bed. See ya.


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