Monday, September 30, 2013

From Student Becoming a Staff

Hi everyone. Welcome back to this blog. I just can't remember when the last time I did update my blog. This is because of less interested in sharing my life here plus I got nothing specials to spread to the public. I'm facing my life as usual with the darkness and brightness and end up with everything okay. Let me briefly describe about myself so far. I just finished my degree in Intelligent System in one of the local university in Selangor.

Currently, I am working as a system engineer (some people known it as programmer or system developer) in one of the firm near Bandar Sunway. I got this job immediately after two weeks I finished my study which means I never feels being unemployed. This is how people called it as 'rezeki'. I start working on 2nd Sept and I already got my first payment for a month I work here (Yeay!). I have to enjoy my money first before PTPTN called for pay back the loan after 6 month of graduation which means I still got another 4 or 5 months to go before the money gone. Weehuu~

Working as a programmer is hard and tough. Why? This is because programmers NEVER stop learning on how to code the system until you stop working on it. The syllabus that we have learnt in tertiary school is only the surface and basic of coding a system. When we fall into the real work environment, the things are go deeper and deeper follows to the framework that company used. Working independently to finish up the task is normal. Being an idiot staff among the seniors is also normal although you feel like you are best enough in university. Fix the errors, debug the errors, reads the console, google the solution. All those things I've done myself with the help of seniors and friends.

Overall I still grateful for everything that I have right now. A huge of thanks I dedicated to my beloved family and friends. Hoping that I will received right future with shining stars after this. Hope so.. With that, I stop my writing here. See you again with the next post (if it exist). Daa.


IZZATI said...

Good luck debab!! We miss u here..

Nora Izzati said...

Thanks jot. Miss korg jgk. Sesenang nnt hangout same peliss.

Huda said...

congrats and gud luck norot in a real life... :)
doakan aku cepat2 dpt job supaya boleh jugak memboroskan gji2 sebelum disuruh bayar... hehehe

Nora Izzati said...

Hudaaaa. Thank you utk wish tu. Aku doakan ko dapat kerja dan berjaya jgk ek utk masa akn dtg. Nnt da ada gaji sendiri bole shopping2 :))

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