Sunday, November 27, 2011

My New Buddies

On Nov 25th, was held an outdoor gathering with my classmates. My friend had planned it as she got some promotions from Pizza Huts. 3 regular pizza for RM60 and share with 3 people each coupon. Is it worth? I dont know.. But what I'm gonna point out here is spending time with them. This is the first time ever we lunch together with the whole class, except 2 or 3 had absent (I can't remember well).

In faculty when class is over.
Shooting while waiting for pizza
Is she like 'ulat'? ;)
Pizza Huts just arrived. Can't wait to grab them.
Expression from the boys.
We're full already. Shooting before going back. Again, I'm the shortest one.
Cakk! Who's this gurl ha? :D
I'm so exciting because I feel I'm in the right place by choosing this course and meet them. Having a quality time like this is a good start for me. Thanks guys! I'm hoping to deserve something better than this. Yar, we need to move on whenever where we are. The friendship with the old one was never ended and with the new one is just a beginning. Chow!

P/S: Credit to my friend for her camera Nikon D3100.


Bulan Syurga Firdaus said...

ehem3 x ajak pn p mkn kt pizza huk huk huk

Nora Izzati said...

Ehem. org tu asyik bizi je camne nak ajaks.

konde said...

ramai ramai :)

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