Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Hi readers! Oct 23rd, was held a graduation day that took place at Dewan Agong Tuanku Canselor (DATC), in UiTM Shah Alam. I am the one of celebrated graduate Diploma in Computer Science. The ceremony was going on smoothly inside the hall. Only a bit unsatisfied with the bus service that bring parents to DATC.

This sweet bear was given by mama. It was imported from JB

This cute angrybird was given by along n also come from JB
With mama n along. It would be more nicer if abah n angah with us too.
Me with mama n frens. What a nice pose everyone. :D
I am officially a Diploma in Computer Science holder yeay!
Overall I am very happy with my convocation. I was so impressed with the appreciation that I got from the family and friends. Thanks guys for the wishes and praying for my success. May Allah bless you all. With love.

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