Saturday, December 17, 2011

Saturday Talk

Hi guys. What a gloomy Saturday. Four days I'm not feeling well including today as I got a fever + flu + headache. It's a complete package right? I can't do my work very well because of the sickness. Hey fever. Please go away! This is not the right time for you to come. Nobody care of me because I am a survivor here. Lain la kalau kat rumah ada orang nak layan kan.. For sure next week (a week before study leave) will be the most killest week for this semester because all tests and assignments need to settled by then. Memang tension tahap gaban sebab lecturer2 ni bagi due date serentak plakk

I have no idea about this. But the things that very sure is I miss my home very2 much. Rindu kat kucing2 yang gemok n comel semuanya. I heard one of my cat had pregnant. Can't wait to take care of new kittens during this semester break. Being a part of 'them' is totally fun. But before that I must faced the remaning week for this sem. I have no words to descibe my feeling in details. But at this moment, whoever have gone through it will understand it very well. I apologise deeply if my word made you feel something 'euww' to read this. But the only thing I wanna spread to all of you guys is..  


That's all for now. Tq.


#ciksuzlin said...

Hi gorgeous~ kita follow sini k.
Semoga cepat sihat <3

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