Monday, September 26, 2011

A New Life Begins

Hey guys. At this moment, it's exactly a month I didn't update my blog. Quite busy all the time for leaving Ramadan, celebrating Eid and preparing myself to enter the college. Guess where am I? I am in one of the big and busy city, with a lot of people, noisy and quite hott!

Almost a couple of week I am here and most of the things is still new for me especially the environment. I miss my friends in old campus. I had try to catch myself being more comfortable here and it took times. Until now I still have some illness called homesick, unisick and friendsick. What a unique sick I had? Tak boleh blah..

A little bit briefing on my courses here. I took BSc (Hons) Intelligent System whereas some people called it as AI. It is something related to Computer Science. Overall the study is okey. Whereas some of it just remind/refresh my previous lesson in diploma. I hope for this time I will become more mature especially in taking action. Just leave the past and learn from the past. Hopefully I would become more stonger on facing the journey in my degree. Insya Allah..


Bulan Syurga Firdaus said...

ad rzki t kte jmpe kt s laam ye..
skrg sy bz ckit...ok ;)

Nora Izzati said...

Oke. :)

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